Pauly Valsan shares an incident that happened on the sets of Ee. Ma. Yau

Theater artist turned actress Pauly Valsan has now around 45 films to her credit. She recently bagged the State Award for the Best Actor in a character role for her performance in the Lijo Jose Pelliserry film Ee. Ma. Yau. In a recent interview, the actress shared a terryifying mishap that happened to her while shooting the film. In one of the climax scenes Pauly Valsan's character Pennamma tries to stop her son Eeshi played by Chemban Vinod from burying his father in the courtyard and the furious Eeshi pushes her away. In the scene, Pauly actually lost her balance, hit her head in an iron rod and fainted. And in a few minutes she regained consiousness and continued the shooting.