Paoli wants to work in a lighthearted rom-com

Paoli Dam has become synonymous to the strong woman of Bangla cinema. The audience has appreciated her performances in the films like 'Natoker Moto' and 'Elar Chaar Adhyay' where she represented independent women from different eras and backgrounds. Though happy with all the characters she has played, Paoli is currently looking for a change. "It plays in the mind of directors that I will suit a strong character. I have played some of the strongest women characters but now I am yearning to do a romantic comedy or an action film," says the Antara of 'Khawto'. The dusky beauty is now looking for a script similar to 'Mr and Mrs. Smith,' 'Silver Linings Playbook' or 'Basanta Bilaap'. Paoli is currently having talks with Vikram Bhat for a Hindi web series.