8 Best On Screen Pairs That Supported Their Partner's Journey

Rarely we get to see well-written roles for women in Telugu Cinema. Though not perfect, there are a few solid roles written for them without stereotyping. The same is the case with most of the male lead roles. Most of the male leads are aimless in Tollywood. But there are few films where both the lead roles were well written with a proper character arc. They gave us major couple goals not in terms of romance (Unlike in love stories or commercial films) but in the way we should support each other. Like a Padma was a pillar of support for Mallesham and a real hero was born. Like Bobby was there for Lilly to fight for what she loves in Dear Comrade. Here, we listed out such pairs that were there to support each other.

Baby-Maha Bobby-Lilly Gaddam-Saleema Padma-Mallesham Prasanth-Chitra Sandhya-Raghava Sarah-Arjun Sravani-Poorna
Pairs That Supported Their Partner's Journey