Not so great rowdies, poor start for Mr & Ms Rowdy

Mr &Ms Rowdy, starring Kalidas Jayaram and Aparna Balamurali released on february 22 and opened to a below average response at theaters and at the box office. In spite of being directed by hitmaker Jeethu Joseph, it did not create an impact in the minds of the audience. Jeethu Joseph had re-routed his typical thriller mode and had tried out a film in the comedy genre. But that has not helped either. With predictable plot, the comedy caper could not sustain the interest of the movie lovers. The movie was scripted by his wife and costume designer Linta Jeethu Joseph. On day 1, the box office collection stand at 22 lakhs.

Kalidas Jayaram Mr & Ms Rowdy Jeethu Joseph Aparna Balamurali