Noor Jahan has a Chirodini Tumi Je Amar flavor, accepts Raj

Noor Jahaan made under Raj Chakraborty's production house is all set to release this Friday. The fans have been vocal about the vibe of the old Raj Chakraborty styled romances here. The popular director also gave their assumption a thumbs up. "The film has the flavour of Chirodini Tumi Je Amar," said Raj. "I wanted Abhimanyu to start with a romantic film. I still believe debut movie should always be a love story," he added. Upon release, the film has to face strong competition with Bollywood biggies. However, Chakraborty seems to be relaxed. "I make movies thinking about the audience of the small screen. So, I am least bothered with the number of the shows it is getting in multiplexes."

Raj Chakraborty Noor Jahaan