Non-Malayalee Stars Who Impressed The Malayalee Moviebuffs in 2018

Mollywood itnessed the release of around 160 movies in 2018. There was a blend of power-packed performances from Mollywood names-men, women and kids who commanded an awesome screen presence. However, we should not forget some truly incredible performances put forth by actors from other industries. The most memorable one would be the performance of African Samuel Abiola Robinson in Sudani From Nigeria. His role of Sudu was loved by all movie lovers of Kerala. Likewise, the beautiful Trisha as Crystal in Hey Jude exuded plenty of charm. And let us not forget the evil Ravunni from Odiyan essayed by the versatile Prakash Raj. A look at some of the non-Malayali actors who impressed us in 2018.

Sidharth as Othenan Nambiar in Kammara SambavamIsha Talwar as Seema in RanamSaranya Ponvannan as Chembakammal in Oru Kuprasidha PayyanJagapati Babu as Narayana Reddy in AadhiTrisha Krishnan as Crystal in Hey JudeKaniha as Diana Joseph in Abrahaminte SanthathikalPrakash Raj as Ravunni in OdiyanSamuel Abiola Robinson as Sudu in Sudani From Nigeria
Non-Malayali Actors In Mollywood In 2018