Nithiin-Samantha starrer A Aa captured the hearts of the Hindi audience

A Aa, when released in 2016, became the movie of the summer by scoring big with the Telugu audience. This Trivikram Srinivas celluloid poetry has scored big both with the critics and at the box office to become the biggest grosser in Nithiin's career. Now, the official Hindi dubbed version has opened with a rampage in the YouTube. Released not even 48 hours ago, the romantic comedy garnered more than 12 million views. It is a big number for a movie like this which has no mass masala elements. It means pure family entertainers can also capture the hearts of the Hindi audience. Telugu films are generally making it big with Hindi audience for their high entertainment quotient and mass heroism. A Aa is one more example. 

Nithiin Samantha A Aa Trivikram Srinivas