Nishabdam (Silence) Trailer - Packed With Chills & Thrills!

After months of speculations of skipping a theatre release, Anushka Shetty's Nishabdam has finally taken the OTT route. Amazon Prime bagged the digital rights of the film and has scheduled to release the film on 2nd October. A few hours ago, makers released the trailer, and it does hit the right notes. Anushka plays a mute artist Sakshi who falls in love with a famous violinist played by R. Madhavan. Troubles brew in their paradise after they visit a haunted house, and Sakshi ends up injured on a hospital bed. Packed with enough suspense and goosebumps, the trailer raised the expectations to sky-high. Each character shown in the trailer acts suspiciously, and we are eager to watch the film. Are you?

Kona Venkat Anushka Shetty Hemanth Madhukar Nishabdam