Nigel Akara remembers his journey in Tollywood, speaks about his work in Gotro

Actor Nigel Akkara rose to fame with Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's Muktodhara which was inspired by his own life. Now that he will be seen again in their film Gotro, Nigel remembers his journey in Tollywood. He started right from his days in  Presidency Correctional Home. "When someone forgets his mistakes, he tends to repeat them,” he explained his reason for not forgetting his days there. In Gotro he plays Tarekh Ali, an uneducated, rugged person with a heart of gold. "After the first two days of the shoot, I broke down in front of the directors. I told them I was not being able to pull off the part," remembers Nigel. It took the directors to speak with him to clear his vision, he recalls.