New Twist In Meera Chopra Vs NTR Fans Case: Tarak Fans File Reverse Complaint

Telangana minister KTR responded directly to the complaint filed by Meera Chopra on NTR fans who abused her harshly on twitter for her comments on N. T. R. To bring the matter to conclusion and to diffuse the issue Mahesh Babu fans supported Meera and also explained to her it is only a few fans who abused her and Tarak is a gentleman who doesn’t encourage such fans. But some anti-fans took the matter into their hands and created fake profiles with Mahesh fans names and abused Meera. There was even a post where Mahesh suggests Meera to watch NTR films like Danny but she declines. Taking all these screenshots, Tarak fans tagged KTR to take action on Meera and Mahesh fans.