Negativity Worked As Promotions For Aadai Says Amala Paul

Amala Paul’s female-oriented drama Aadai was released a couple of weeks ago and received a decent response. The film was slammed by a certain section of people and they wanted to ban the film. But that has worked in the favour of the film said Amala Paul. She was at the inauguration of CG Verghese International Film Festival as a chief guest and interacted with the media. Amala said that there was a lot of negativity about the film before its release and the ban, release stalling out to be a promotion for the movie. She further added that many women came to her and said that there was no need to give the film ‘A’ certificate and label it that way. Amala said she is okay with healthy debates and it is good for the film.

Aadai Amala Paul