Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma is based on real incidents, says director Shiva Aravind

Director Shiva Aravind as high hopes for his upcoming Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma which has Kavin and Remya Nambeesan in lead. In the latest interview, Shiv Aravind revealed that a few sequences of the film are based on real-life incidents. He revealed, "The crux of the film is based on a few intriguing incidents which happen in the lives of those friends." The film is a romantic comedy and narrates the story of three friends. Apart from lead cast, Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma also stars Motta Rajendran, Azhagam Perumal, Ilavarasan and Sujatha and others. The film is slated to release on July 20.