Nani's candid but funny tweet about KAY make you admire him more

Natural star Nani has many admirable qualities. One among them is his candid self-assessment. One more example for his sincerity cropped up yesterday. Popular streaming service Yupp TV tweeted a post about Nan's Krishnarjuna Yuddham movie saying catch Nani ’s latest super hit flick Krishnarjuna Yuddham on Yupp TV Mini Theatre. Sharing this on his timeline, Nani said that the movie is not super hit. He added that the movie didn't play well in theatres. Netizens are stunned by his candid assessment of his film, and admired him. To be frank, Krishnarjuna Yuddham is not a bad movie. But it didn't click well with the audience, and registered as a flop in Nani's career after a long time.