Nani Krishnarjuna Yuddham 1st weekend worldwide box office report

Natural Star Nani who was on a streak of eight continuous hits came up with Krishnarjuna Yuddham in the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi.The movie saw Nani in a dual role of Krishna and Arjun. Despite praise for his acting, Krishnarjuna Yuddham fared average at the worldwide box office. It grossed 25 Cr. worldwide, but this is just the third highest grossing opening weekend for Nani. His previous movies, Ninnu Kori and MCA grossed 27.5 Cr., and 37.4 Cr. respectively. The total worldwide distributor share stands at 13 Cr. Mixed critical and audience response resulted in its average performance. It is to be seen if this movie become a profitable venture in thre coming days.

Merlapaka Gandhi Nani Krishnarjuna Yuddham