Naga Shurya reveals the reason behind adding At symbol for Narthanasala

By now, we all have been curiously waiting for the release of young hero Naga Shaurya's Narthanasala. But is it the real title of the film? There is an At symbol in the title. So, the exact title of the film is @Narthanasala. Why @ before the title? We got curious. Now, in a recent interview, the actor revealed the reason behind the usage of the symbol before the title. In his own words: After hearing the story the entire team was confident that we should name the film Nartanasala. But my dad told me that several films with the same title were called off even before going on to the sets in the past. To break the jinx, we added @ in the title which looks fashionable and contemporary. Also, he reveals that he played a gay role. 

Naga Shaurya Narthanasala Srinivas Chakravarthy