My story is all about that one person: NNOK director Venu Udugula

Needi Nadi Okate Katha is scheduled to release this Friday. On this occasion, the film’s director Venu Udugula spoke with the media in a chit-chat session. When asked about his backdrop, he said, “I worked as an assistant director to Madan and started my film journey in 2008.” When asked about the movie, he said, “Nowadays, kids are forced to become either a doctor or an engineer. No one including the parents cares what the kids want to become. My story is all about that one person who goes against his parents and becomes successful in life. I feel that Sree Vishnu's character will connect with everybody in a big way and every student will see himself in him."

Sree Vishnu Needi Naadi Oke Katha Venu Udugula