Mulk Director Anubhav Sinha Reacts To Stay On Film Release

Since the time Mulk trailer has been out, the movie has been mired into controversies as it deals with the sensitive subject of Hindus and Muslims. Rishi Kapoor, the lead actor of the fikm got trolled for praising the newly elected Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan while promoting his movie. Rumors about the movie getting a stay order from the Mumbai sessions court was doing rounds. Reacting to this speculation, Sinha took to his Twitter handle to reveal that the rumour is baseless and stated that even if such order was passed a petition shall be moved to vacate it as soon as possible. Also starrinhg Taapsee Pannu, Mulk is a courtroom drama that is up for 3rd August 2018 release.

Tapsee Pannu Mulk Rishi Kapoor Anubhav Sinha