Mr & Ms Rowdy- rowdies antics are not working at the theaters

Mr &Ms Rowdy starring Kalidas Jayaram and Aparna Balamurali along with a bunch of young actors released on February 22. The film directed by hitmaker Jeethu Joseph best known for gripping thrillers like Drishyam and Memories failed to create any stir at the box office. There was a desperate attempt to present the life of the quotation gang of youngsters in a humorous manner. But with slap-stick comedy and shoddy writing, the film turned out to be passe. The film failed to deliver the much-needed vibes due to the cliched and outdated idea. The box office collection was a cold reminder to the kind of film that Mr &Ms Rowdy is. At the end of 3 days, the film's collection stand at 59 lakhs.

Aparna Balamurali Mr & Ms Rowdy Kalidas Jayaram Jeethu Joseph