10 Most Liked South Indian Songs Of All Time!

Indians in general give a lot of importance to music. Do we need to speak about South Indian movies’ music? The peppy mass beats and the beautiful melodies in South Indian films are unmatched. Some of the South Indian songs like Why This Kolaveri Di, Butta Bomma, etc. have reached a worldwide audience and registered 100s of millions of views. Given the limited reach of South India geographically, and the language barriers, some songs have done extremely well and were liked by everyone. For example, Rowdy Baby song received a whopping 4.6 million likes on Youtube making it one of the most liked videos in the world. Here, we compiled the list of the top 10 most liked South Indian songs. Take a look!

Rowdy Baby Buttabomma Why This Kolaveri Di Kutti Story Lyric Video Ramulo Ramulaa Full Song Vaathi Coming Lyric Video Ramulo Ramulaa Video Song Vaathi Coming Karabuu Samajavaragamana
Most Liked South Indian Songs