Mohanlal releases the cover of Odiyan documentary

Mohanlal released the cover of Odiyan's documentary through his official Facebook page. It is an introduction into the myth called Odiyan which will be shot in the form of a documentary. Titled 'Iravilum Pakalilum Odiyan', the documentary will be directed by Novin Vasudev and is scripted by T. Arunkumar. Mohanlal has introduced the theme as a journey into a myth created by human imagination and social conditions. Odiyan is a myth that has been eliminated by modernism. It may be noted that Mohanlal played the title role of Odiyan in the movie of the same name. In fact, Odiyan was confined to a specific region of Kerala and it was only through the movie that many people got insights into this folklore tale.

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17 Jan 19 @ 10:25 AM Kollywood
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