Mohanlal director Sajid Yahiya shares about the crazy Mohanlal fandom

Sajid Yahiya who is turning a director with the upcoming Manju Warrier starrer Mohanlal has picked an amusing plot for his debut directorial. His film is centered upon woman who is crazy about Mohanlal and his films. The director shares that there are, in fact, real crazy fans of Mohanlal and his film is inspired by their stories. "There is the story of the woman who went for a C-section so that her child's birth date would coincide with that of Mohanlal's. And then there's the story of the housewife who won't cook food if she learns that a newly released Mohanlal film is bad. So, if her husband wants to eat, he has to tell her that the film is good," he shared.

Sajid Yahiya Mohanlal (Movie)