Margamkali ends up as a dud, check BO Collection

Margamkali is directed by Sreejith Vijayan whose previous film Kuttanadan Marpappa had a successful run. Margamkali starred Bibin George, namitha Pramod, Gouri Kishan, and many noted senior actors like Renji Panicker, Shanthi Krishna, Siddique. It had a very eminent technical team backing it. Still, Margamkali which released on August 2 could not captivate the audience due to its half-baked script. Also, the cliched old school romance worked against the film. It is high time that film makers change their ways to suit to the tastes of a shrewd audience. As expected, the film turned out to be an under-performer in theaters grossing a meager 1.7 crore at Kerala BO.

Margamkali Sreejith Vijayan Bibin George Namitha Pramod