Manoj is a naughty soul while Vishnu is quite cool, says Pragya Jaiswal

Achari America Yatra is finally releasing this Friday. On this occasion, heroine Pragya Jaiswal spoke with the media in a chit-chat session. She said about the film, "The story is all about Vishnu coming to find his love for me in America. How does he accomplish that is the whole story. There is hilarious comedy in this film and the entire family can happily watch it this summer season." When asked about the working experience with Manchu brothers, "I worked with Manoj in Gunturodu. He is a naughty soul who is restless and keeps cracking jokes all the time. But Vishnu is quite cool and maintains his dignity all the time.” She also said that the combo of Vishnu and Brahmi garu is the highlight of the movie.

Pragya Jaiswal Achari America Yatra