Madhav Ramadasan's Ilayaraja is truly a prince at the box office

Ilayaraja is directed by Madhav Ramadasan, known for intense films like Apothecary and Melvilasom. Ilayaraja tells the tale of a poverty stricken family headed by a vertically challenged bread-winner played by Guinness Pakru. The film does not delve into the poverty faced by the family but instead gives a peek into the happiness they derive from subtle things. The film is appreciated for giving a feel-good perspective at the same time spreading noble thoughts. The film conveys the message of trying to see good in things and believing in perseverance. The film started off without much buzz and after 3 days, Kerala BO stands at 21.5 lakhs.

Madhav Ramadasan Ilayaraja Ajay Kumar (Guinness Pakru)