Maacher Jhol bags 13 Filmare Awards

The Filmfare Awards (East) were announced and Pratim D. Gupta's Maacher Jhol has been the star of the event. The film featuring Ritwick and Paoli has bagged thirteen awards across categories. It was won the Best Film title alongside the awards for the Best Director, Best Music Album, Best Original Story. Mamata Shankar bagged the award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Anupam Roy won awards both for singing and for music. The film also bagged the Best screenplay, cinematography, sound design, and best dialogue. With thirteen Filmfares, Pratim D. Gupta has left a mark of his talent in the industry. 

Pratim D. Gupta Anupam Roy Paoli Dam Ritwick Chakraborty Maacher Jhol