Top 10 Long Trending Telugu Movies Since Their Release in 2019

Trend and trending are the buzz words these days. of course, in the age of social media, to trend is absolutely necessary for being in the collective imagination of the target consumers. Fans trend their favorite heroes' films, birthdays, and even common display pics (CDPs) and the records are noted down by a section of media. Such is the craze trending has achieved in social media. But what about organic trending? Not some manufactured trending. When a movie is released, those curious about it google it or search in social media to know further details. When the movie clicks or fails, it will be used as a hashtag and the film will be in trending. Here are the top 10 trending Telugu films in 2019 excluding fan push. 

Dear ComradeBrochevarevaruraAgent Sai Srinivasa AthreyaOh! BabyMajiliNTR: KathanayakuduMaharshiJerseyF2: Fun and FrustrationVinaya Vidheya Rama
Long Trending Telugu Movies In 2019