10 Light-Hearted Entertainers Which Left A Smile On Our Faces

We all have our favorite movies and genres but one thing is sure, we all love those films the most which put a smile on our faces. This is because we love to get entertained and have a great time when we are heading towards a theatre. Films that have simple and heartwarming stories put a smile on us are often the most-loved ones. This is why these movies left a mark on our hearts. Recently released films Sweater is one such movie. Among all the intese films released in recent time, These ten movies are simple at its heart and won our heart with sheer simplicity. Check out the list below and find out which film put a smile on your face.

Ghare and BaireMichaelManojder Adbhut BariKa Kha Ga GhaHoneymoonBaccha ShoshurHappy PillSweaterAhare MonRainbow Jelly
Bengali Light Hearted Entertainers