Latest box office collection: Spidey is shooting winning webs all over!

Big achievement! Spider-Man: Far From Home is winning people's hearts all over the globe. Starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, the movie was released on 5 July 2019, and even after a month, the movie is running successfully, that shows the power of Marvel movies! In North America the film grossed $373.357 million, in China it grossed $200 million, and in South Korea it collected $59 million. If we look at box office numbers at the Indian box office, Spider-Man: Far From Home collected $12.1 million (86 crores) and grossed $14.45 million (103 crores). Alone in India, it grossed 100 crores! Spider-Man: Far From Home traces the journey of Spiderman after the world has lost Tony Stark.