Kunchako Boban's 'Shikkari Shambhu' has Salim Kumar in the role of a cop

Salim Kumar is one of the finest actors in Malayalam who has nudged the audience to a laughing spree in police uniform. The actor is once again taking up the Khakhi avatar for  Kunchako Boban's upcoming romantic comedy 'Shikkari Shambhu'. In the film's latest poster he is seen watching a video on his mobile phone with characters of Kunchacko Boban, Harish Kanaran and Vishnu Unnikrishnan and from the looks of it, one can assume the actor is all set off another laughing spree this time too. 'Shikkari Shambhu' directed by Sugeet has Sshivda and newbie Alphonsa as the leading ladies. 

Salim Kumar Shikkari Shambhu