Kuasha Jakhon deals with paranormal romance in a mystic dark mansion

Debutant director duo Meenakshii and Abhishek’s Kuasha Jakhon will bring huge overtones of gothic and noir. The film is a paranormal romance film starring Gargee Roy Chowdhury and debutant Rishav Basu (playing the character of an oculist). Who would have thought that Meenakshii herself has a sound knowledge of occultism subject? Meenakshii in a recent interview talked about her movie, "It’s a very interesting subject and also I'm a doctorate in occult and parapsychology. So I get to know many things which can’t be explained or justified sometimes. The idea of this story came to me all of a sudden and Abhishek worked on it to add all the twists. The narrative looked much more interesting & fit for making a film."