Koel Mallick on being directed by Parambrata for the first time

Parambrata Chatterjee and Koel Mallick are pairing up one more time in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Bony. Bankrolled by Surinder Films, the film will also see Parambrata wearing the director's hat for it. “I have acted with Parambrata before. But he will be directing me for the first time in Bony," says an excited Koel. She will play Parambrata's wife in the film which revolves around their newborn child. "As the film progresses, you can see my character transform — from being a simple person to a tough woman,” says Koel about her character. In the meantime, Koel and Parambrata pair will be seen in Sagardwiper Jawker Dhan.

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15 Jun 19 @ 2:02 PM Kollywood
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