Kareena Kapoor has the best reply to hubby Saif's cheeky question!

Saif Kareena and Taimur are undoubtedly the most loved trio on the Internet. On Kareena's radio show, Saif asked the most cheeky and attention seeking question. Saif asked Kareena post-baby if there is any way a husband could get more attention or make his wife happier. To which Kareen replied that it was very cheeky of Saif to ask this question on national radio. She said that a husband should just be there for a wife, Baby means a lot of extra responsibilities and by sharing them, the wife will automatically get happy. And for attention, Kareena adviced Saif to plan a nice date for her to some romantic location without the baby and then see the magic. Well, we always ship this cute couple. Watch the video below.

Kareena Kapoor Saif Ali Khan