Karan Johar praises Tumbbad, says the movie is relentless

Tumbbad which took the movie buffs by storm with its vivid imagery and terrific storytelling received near unanimous critical acclaim and went on to score a commercial success. Now, Noted filmmaker and show-runner Karan Johar joined the celebrity bandwagon of fans for the horror movie. Karan Johar praised the movie to no end and said that it is relentless. He further added: The films these years, the high content films have gone off through the roof. Everything you have thought would never work has worked. Smaller films like Tumbbad that actually is in Cinema halls for nearly 7 weeks, and it touches a number only because it's relentless. The movie completed a 50-day run and still making a sound at the box office.

Karan Johar Sohum Shah Tummbad