Kalki Plagiarism Row: Telugu Cine Writers Association Gives Clarification

While the movie is getting ready for the release and amid talks that it may get postponed from the original release date due to VFX work, senior hero Dr. Rajasekhar's latest offering landed in a plagiarism row. An aspiring writer named Karthikeya aka Prasad filed a complaint that Kalki story is plagiarised from his work. Regarding this issue, BVS Ravi, the convenor of the association gave clarification about this. As far as he understands there are no similarities between Kalki and the said story. And he could talk further about it only once the film hits the screens. He also assured that credits will be given if the complaint is found valid with enough proofs. 

Rajasekhar Kalki Prasanth Varma BVS Ravi