Kalank failure: No bad blood between Karan Johar and Abhishek Varman!

Kalank is among one of those Bollywood films which created a  huge hype prior to its release but came as a disappointment after the release. After the news of the failure of Kalank went out, many reports claimed that Karan Johar went into depression. Reports also said that there was a major fallout between Karan and the director Abhishek Varman. However, a source close to Karan has revealed that Abhishek was quite shaken up after seeing how Kalank was being received. On the contrary to the rumours, it was Karan who reassured Abhishek not to worry. Reportedly, Karan even gave him a pep talk and reminded Abhishek of his successful outing 2 States. Also, Karan has told Abhishek to start working on a new script.

Abhishek Varman Kalank Karan Johar