Kaatrin Mozhi is an amazing experience, says AH Kaashif

Jyothika's Kaatrin Mozhi got rave reviews and turned out to be a successful movie. Especially, the background score was very soothing which was composed by the debutant and AR Rahman's niece AH Kaashif. In an interview when asked about his experience in working with Kaatrin Mozhi, AH Kaashif said that It was an amazing experience for him as a debutant, and also thanked everyone in the team for supporting him well. He also said that only Po Urave song took a little time for him to compose as they had to capture many emotions in that song. Later he revealed how the team Qutub E Krupa of AR Rahman use to work hard for the background music for the movies and thanked AR Rahman for everything.

Kaatrin Mozhi AH Kaashif Jyothika