Joker continues its rampage at BO, check latest BO status

No questions asked. Joker is clearly one of the best films that DC has produced in recent times. Starring Joaquin Phoenix in and as Joker, the film is on a winning streak not only in India but all around the world. The film produced and directed by Todd Philips  tells the tale of a rejected comedian who turns dejected and goes on to become one of the deadliest criminals. It is continuing its eventful run with world wide gross collection of $853 M. In India, Joker's nett earning stands at a massive 56 Cr.($7.877 M) and gross earning at 72 Cr.($10.1 M). Considering the other major markets- S.Korea at $33.7 M, UK at $55 M and Mexico at $31 M.

Todd Phillips Joker (English)