Jayasurya talks about his first movie under the direction of Siddique

Director Siddique has set his bar so high that any comedy actor would kill to be casted in his film. Well, the case is similar with Jayasurya, as well. After many years as a lead actor, the versatile star has finally got a Siddique movie, Fukri. Talking about it, Jayasurya said that it felt really great when Siddique called him to be the lead in this movie. He also reminisced about the times when he had visited the sets of Siddique-Lal directed In Harihar Nagar and Vietnam Colony, seeking a chance to act. Jayasurya also noted that Siddique has a keen observation about the happenings around and that is why he is able to create relevant humor and comedy scenes in his movies. 

Siddique Director Jaya Surya Fukri