Jaw-dropping Video Of Salman Khan's Leg Exercise With His Bodyguards Going Viral

Salman Khan is one of the earliest heroes to unleash a fit body on the Bollywood screen. Even into his 50s, the Bollywood superstar remains one of the fittest men in India and gives younger stars their money's worth when it comes to physique and strength. Yea, as we have come to strength, now is the time to talk about the recent Instagram video which blew away fans and movie buffs. Bhai is seen in the video doing regular leg exercises. But Salman being Salman, apart from the weights, he has his bodyguards on the top. Despite the awe-inducing nature of the workout, Bhai captioned it hilariously: After experiencing the highs and lows my security has finally realised how secure they are wid me .. ha ha