Jallikattu marches at the BO, check latest BO update

Jallikattu is an intense film crafted by ace director Lijo Jose Pellissery. The film starred Antony Varghese, Sabumaon and Chemban Vinod Jose. The film on October 4 and is slowly making its presence felt at the box office. Amidst multiple releases, the film is marching ahead in theaters though the film's genre is not the contemporary kind. The film is about a bull that escapes a butcher and runs for its life. With an entire village after the poor animal, it is a dark satire and makes us wonder who has more animal instincts- man or bull. At the box office, the film has garnered 13.2 crore at the world box office and 9.9 crore at Kerala box office.

Jallikkattu (Malayalam) Lijo Jose Pellissery Chemban Vinod Jose Antony Varghese