Jai always comes drunk and leaves the shooting spot early to get drunk, says producers

It is reported that the producers of Balloon lodged a complaint against Jai for not turning up to the shoot. The film's producers have officially released a statement, which is against Jai. "Jai doesn't have any good characteristic feature, like, hard work, respect, behaviour, keeping up with the word, etc. Due to the immense pressure created by Jai, our film's director Sinish even attempted to commit suicide. When Jai comes to the shooting spot, he always comes drunk, and would always want to know when the shoot will get packed up, so that he can drink again. He always leaves the shooting spot early, to get drunk. If we plan to shoot for 8 hours with him, we were able to shoot only for 4 hours," the producers said.

Jai Sampath Balloon