Ishaan Khattar Calls Dancing on Muqabala Muqabala Song a Fateful Coincidence

Ishaan Khattar has performed a shadow dance on Prabhu Deva's song Muqabala Muqabala in his upcoming movie Beyond the Clouds. In the movie, Amir (Ishaan) is supposed to turn on a song and dance on it. Describing the shoot, Ishaan said, "I have to admit that this was a very happy fateful coincidence for me. While shooting the scene, Mr. Majidi asked me to play any song I felt like at the time that would help elevate the moment." He added, "When I hit play button on my music player, Muqabala started. He absolutely loved it and asked me to take my shot and it all just magically happened. This song is in no way a new rendition or version of the song. It is very much the killer original track."