Is This The Reason Behind The Not So Glossy Look Of Meeku Matrame Cheptha?

One of the biggest complaints apart from the second half debacle of Vijay Deverakonda's maiden home production Meeku Matrame Chepta is cheap production values. When Vijay said in one of his promotional interviews that he has pushed 70% of his savings for this Tharun Bhascker starrer, everyone expected it'd be a well-made and well-presented film. But that was not the case. Or at least, the audience/critics thought so. Speaking about the complaints, Vijay's father who is also a co-producer said that due to a technical glitch and night-shoots the film didn't look glossy like a well-made film but they have not compromised while producing it. He also revealed that production cost them more than Rs. 5 crores.