Is Nagarjuna's Latest Film Inspired from French Romantic Comedy?

Nagarjuna's latest offering Manmadhudu 2 has its teaser released yesterday to a generally positive response from the critics and the audience. The fun element in the film and the promise of light-hearted romance all pointed out to a breezy romantic comedy on offer. As noted by a few netizens, Manmadhudu 2 has apparent similarities to the French romantic comedy, PrĂȘte-moi ta main (internationally released as I Do). The film is also about a middle-aged man who is pestered to marry by his siblings and mother. If we look at Manmadhudu 2, the theme of age-bar romance is similar. But if this Rahul Ravindran film also comes up with the plot of renting a temporary wife is to be seen.