Is Mohanlal's Randomoozham In Trouble?

Mohanlal's Randomoozham is one of the most prestigious projects of Mollywood and according to the ongoing buzz in the industry, it looks like the film is in trouble. The issue got started when the film's writer MT Vasudevan Nair has opted out from the project as the director had breached the agreement. The agreement was the film was supposed to be made in 3 years but the film was not yet started even after 4 years. Director VA Shrikumar Menon has opened about the issue and shared a post on his Facebook wall saying that it was his fault as he failed to convey about the film's progress to Vasudevan. He also said that he is going to met Vasudevan in person and going to sort out the things.

VA Shrikumar Menon MT Vasudevan Nair Randamoozham