India's Best Movie of Each Week in the First Quarter of 2019

Pycker is one of the few pan-India film-based websites which cover news to authentic box office figures to the mandatory high-quality film reviews for 5 major film industries across India - Tollywood, Kollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood, and Bengali Cinema. Our flagship weekly feature, India's Best Movie of the Week has gained respect among film buffs and popularity among fans for its objective analysis of movies released in a particular week. Indian Cinema in 2019 has seen extremely rich content with films like Peranbu, Nagarkirtan, Sonchiriya, 9, and Super Deluxe. As the first quarter of 2019 is completed, we feel it, it would be of interest to our readers to recap the best movies of each of the 13 weeks.

Bijoya started the year on an auspicious note. The movie received quite a number of good reviewsFending off extreme competition, we have to resort to take the movie with lesser number of negative reviews, F2 emerged the winner in the second week and till date, only Telugu film in the coveted listShah Jahan Regency is every inch a classic like the novel it is based on and the 1960s movie before itWeek 4 saw none of the releases reach the standard we set. None of the films deserve to be Pycker India's Best Movie of the WeekAh, Peranbu! Easily the best movie of the year or one of the top three.Malayalam movie, 9, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran is a sort of movie every Indian movie buff should be proud ofGully Boy also had to fend off stiff competition to emerge the winner of the 7th weekKaushik Ganguly's Nagarkirtan is a gem of a movie which we feel honored to list it hereSonchiriya failed at the box office. But it is India's answer to Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch. It has already become a cult classicSujoy Ghosh's mastery in filmmaking made this remake of a well loved Spanish thriller rise above its original. Badla is loved by one and allPycker discovered Nedunalvaadai. A Tamil movie released without any buzz but won the hearts of everyone who watched it. We strognly recommend that you keep an eye for the online releaseFor its filmmaking craft and the power-packed performance of Akshay Kumar Kesari stands outSuper Deluxe is the celebration of the joy of watching cinemas. A once in a decade sorta film
First Quarter - Best Movies of Each Week