India’s Best Movie Of Each Week In The 3rd Quarter of 2019

Being one of the few pan-India film-based websites, Pycker has come up with the innovative idea of picking out India's Best Movie of the Week from five major film industries, every week. We have successfully introduced several unknown gems to Pan-India readers through our flagship weekly feature, which has recently completed Golden Jubilee, (yes, we have completed 50 glorious weeks) India's Best Movie of the Week in the past and will continue to do so. Our feature is known among film buffs and fans for its objective analysis of movies released in a particular week. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, we have seen films like Super 30, bold and sensational Aadai and films that spread out the warmth like Ambili. Check out!

An official remake of well-loved Korean film Ms. Granny, Oh! Baby won the love of family as well as younger audienceDespite written in a near-docudrama format, this Hrithik Roshan starrer that tells the story of Teacher Anand Kumar's life story won critical approval as well as the audience loveAmala paul literally carried the entire weight of Aadai to deliver an explosively good film one should not missThis 'one more campus romance' is a charming in its own right and won the hearts of one and allThe Telugu remake of Tamil classic blockbuster serial killer thriller is as good as the original if not betterThis little bundle of warmth and love will surely steal your hearts. A great watch for a leisurely eveningA rare genre film which is more about the human qualities and humanity more than a bone-chilling thrillerKausalya Krishnamurthy despite no promotional at all and a wrong release date, won over the few who watched it. As good as the original KanaaWeek 35 saw none of the releases reach the standard we set. None of the films deserve to be Pycker India's Best Movie of the WeekMagamuni is a terrific thriller peppered with excellent performance and is backed by an innovative screenplayI came. It conquored. It went without trace. Still, it's a brilliantly made film on an explosive subject.Week 38 saw none of the releases reach the standard we set. None of the films deserve to be Pycker India's Best Movie of the WeekRajlokkhi O Srikanto is the creation of an auteur and is like the brush stroke of a master
Quarter 3 - Best Movie of Week for Each Week