If nudity is obscenity, then Indian culture itself needs to be restored: Kamal

After 'Udta Punjab' the new prey at the hands of Censor Board is 'Kathakali' directed by debutant Saijo. 'Kathakali' described as an artistic film by the board, was denied certificate citing that there is obscenity in the movie. The scene in controversy is the climax of the movie which has a full backside nude posture of the lead actor. The director said that the scene is the 'soul of the whole film' and due its symbolic representation, he can't remove that scene. Today, in support of the movie, Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) organized a protest march to the CBFC office in Trivandrum. During the march, FEFKA president and renowned filmmaker Kamal questioned the understanding of the word obscenity. "If they are pointing out the nudity then the Indian culture itself should be restored as we have lots of beautiful wall paintings and archaeological sculptures in nude forms," he said. B. Unnikrishnan, general secretary of FEFKA said that they federation will stand with Saijo till justice is done to the film and its maker.