IAMK director tells the reason, why Gautham Karthik won't be in part 2?

Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu which hit the screens recently is amidst a huge controversy for its portrayal of the people of the gay community. A renowned director had criticised the movie publicly. The director Santhosh P Jayakumar said, "The director had shown glamour scenes way back in 1980 in his films. If he himself is against this, then I can't say anything." Santhosh has revealed about crucial changes in part 2. "Gautham Karthik won't be a part of the sequel of IAMK. In the first part, I would have concluded the movie saying I will be back with a new set of virgin boys in IAMK 2. Gautham Karthik loses his virginity in the first part, so he won't be there in the next," he said.

Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu Santhosh P Jayakumar Gautham Karthik