I Had Plans To Rope In Sanjay Dutt For Nakshatram: Krishna Vamsi

In a recent interview, director Krishna Vamsi revealed that he had considered Sanjay Dutt for a crucial role in the movie. Apparently that role went to Sai Dharam Tej. "Sai’s role originally was a middle-aged character. In the script, I had written it as a 20-minute role. I had plans to rope in Sanjay Dutt, and he was supposed to play the DSP. As we started the process of approaching him with the offer, I met Sai in a party and we hit it off," said Vamsi. Also Sai Dharam Tej did not take any remuneration for the movie 'Nakshatram' as his only desire was to work with director Krishna Vamsi.

Krishna Vamsi Nakshatram